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Education means more than just obtaining a degree. For many, it means the gateway to a career path. It can also mean developing deeper insight into a field of study, or the chance to take professional expertise to a higher level.

What do you hope your education will bring you?

At Capitol, we prepare students to embark on rewarding careers, work with cutting-edge technologies, and gain skills that will enable them not only to make the most of their lives, but to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our students learn to build and control satellites. They defeat cyber adversaries. They master multiple computer programming languages. They manage project teams. Or they devise sound business strategies, based on data. We offer programs in fields that industry demands, and the world needs. Choose Capitol for your education, and you’ll graduate knowing you have skills that set you apart.

At Capitol, we’re distinguished not only by what we teach, but also by how we teach it. Since our institution was founded, in 1927, our emphasis has been on practical education. That means not only teaching concepts, but providing students with the opportunity to apply those concepts, in the kinds of situations they will encounter during their careers.

Our innovative learning environments – including our Cyber Battle Lab, Fusion Lab, Space Flight Operations Training Center, and brand-new Unmanned Systems Lab – provide real-time practice in applying knowledge learned during coursework. In many of the fields we offer, Capitol partners with key companies and stakeholders to provide students with state-of-the-art resources, expert knowledge, and the potential for internships.

It’s no wonder, then, that Capitol has high placement rates, often at salaries high above average. Indeed, our track record is so strong that we’re able to offer students the Capitol Technology University Commitment: you’ll find a job in your field at a competitive salary within 90 days after graduation, or we’ll provide you with additional courses at no cost.

Capitol Technology University’s location -- close to Washington, D.C. but not far from Baltimore -- places us within one of the nation’s strongest employment hubs, with major private companies as well as federal agencies such as NASA and the NSA all within a short commute.

Meanwhile, at the graduate level, students from all over the world gain new expertise and open up professional paths through our asynchronous masters’ programs and doctoral programs. Taught by experts in their respective fields, these courses offer enhanced educational opportunities that go well beyond the traditional classroom. 

I welcome you to visit our campus and discover Capitol Technology University. We may be the perfect place for you to begin or continue your higher education.

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Bradford L. Sims, PhD
Capitol Technology University


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