Visitor Policy and Campus Etiquette

Visitor Policy 

The campus’s park like outdoor spaces are available to visitors for casual recreational use (such as walking, running, biking, Disc Golf, Pokemon GO, Ingress) from dawn to dusk daily. The Campus grounds are closed to the public from dusk to dawn and campus buildings are closed to the public at all times. Those members of the public conducting business with the university or visiting a member of the campus community (faculty, staff, or student) are expected to report directly to their host upon arrival. Individuals visiting members of the campus community are expected to be escorted by their host at all times and especially in the campus buildings or on campus grounds from dusk to dawn. Members of the campus community should be prepared to provide university ID upon request. Additional policies regarding guests within the residence halls can be found in the Guide to Residence Life. The university reserves the right to ban anyone from campus whom the university has reason to believe is or has been in violation of any university policies and the university will contact local law enforcement if there is reason to believe a crime has been committed.

Campus Etiquette

Please remember the mission of this institution is an educational one and follow these guidelines or etiquette when using our campus for casual recreational purposes including playing Pokemon Go! or any augmented reality or real life game in this real life setting:

  • Should you experience an emergency on campus please call 911 and give your address as 11301 Springfield Rd. Laurel, MD 20708 with a campus landmark.
  • Should you need real life assistance but are not be experiencing an emergency or you see suspicious activity please call campus security at 301-938-2928.
  • When arriving on campus we recommend you notify public safety at the booth at the front of campus that you are on campus and will be on campus to play Pokemon GO or other purpose.
  • Pay attention to where you are and be respectful of other people’s personal space and mindful of the vehicular and pedestrian traffic on campus.
  • State law prohibits the use of a handheld device while operating a motor vehicle.  Please follow the law and be observant of the pedestrian traffic on campus.
  • When near buildings please be quiet out of respect for those who are learning within the building.
  • Our students are known for being polite and our neighbors are raising young children please mind your language and music.
  • This campus is home to real life wildlife please be respectful of their habitat and their presence.  Take only pictures and leave only footsteps.  Also be aware that real life wildlife can be dangerous. Avoid the snakes, biting insects, foxes, deer, birds of prey, and other wildlife by not entering the forest or walking into the landscaping surrounding the pond.