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Meet Our Graduate Admissions Counselor

If you’re interested in learning more about our graduate programs, we encourage you to contact our graduate admissions counselor. She’ll be your guide as you explore your graduate program options here at Capitol Technology University. We invite you to use this page to contact her to speak via phone, email or zoom virtual meeting.

Iris Lieberman cropped

Iris Lieberman
Associate Director of Admissions
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What I learned from students at Capitol Tech: While working with students at Capitol Tech, I have seen the true value in hands on, “real world” experiential learning.  Capitol Tech students exhibit a great deal of tenacity, both in and out of the classroom, which allows them to be better prepared in this fast pace, technology realm.

Advice to someone applying to Capitol Tech: Showcase your passion, investment in the process, as well as your career goals. Although on-paper credentials are necessary, with regards to the admissions process, it is just as important to highlight your relevant experience, clearly define your academic and professional goals, as well as exhibit a genuine interest in your field of study.

What I love most about Capitol Tech: I love that our faculty truly takes pride in working with their students. The faculty and staff at Capitol Tech are able to foster strong relationships with their students, while helping them achieve both , personal and academic success.