Meet Our Graduate Admissions Counselors

If you’re interested in learning more about your graduate programs, we encourage you to contact our graduate admissions counselor - your guide as you explore your graduate program options here at Capitol Technology University. We invite you to contact your counselors via phone, email or virtual meeting.

Carmit Levin

Carmit Levin
Director of Doctoral Admissions
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What I've learned from working with Capitol students: Working with our students has taught me a lot about their passion for their respective programs. In addition, their Capitol commitment is something I truly admire and value.

My advice to someone applying to Capitol: Reach out and make sure to be in contact with your admissions counselor throughout your entire process so that you have a successful admissions experience.

What I love most about Capitol: Capitol exudes an enormous amount of support to their students as well as their staff.

Doctoral Students Territories:

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