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The Capitol Commitment: Undergraduate Students Will Find a Job Post-graduation

The Capitol Commitment is a valuable agreement made between each undergraduate student at Capitol and the University. Students are expected to meet certain criteria to retain the Commitment which guarantees they receive a job after graduation. One such requirement is that students attend each Capitol Career Fair, the next of which is Friday, March 6, 2020. To ensure students are prepared for and succeed during the Career Fair which often leads to job or internship opportunities, Capitol will publish a series of Do’s and Don’ts leading up to the event.

Yes, you’ll get a job, after graduating from Capitol Technology University – we guarantee it.

“I found my information security intern at Capitol Tech’s Spring Job Fair” said Steve Luczynski, Chief Information Security Officer of T-Rex Solutions, LLC. “We had him take our technical hiring test – he passed with flying colors, so I hired him immediately.”

The impressive mix of where our graduates are employed plus our location in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area gives us the confidence to say you’ll receive a job offer within 90 days of commencement.  Check out our list of over 100 employers is just a 2 hour drive from campus.

If you graduate with a qualified bachelor’s degree from Capitol Technology University in one of our many undergraduate degrees, you’ll find a position within 90 days of graduation. If you don’t, Capitol Tech will provide up to 36 additional undergraduate credits — tuition free — while you continue your job search and our career services department will continue to work with you throughout the job search process.

With Capitol Tech’s high demand industry focused degrees, it’s no wonder that our undergraduate degree programs provide a year-to-year placement rate over 80% and that Capitol Tech’s alumni have one of the best ROI’s (return on investment) in the nation.  Georgetown University released a report using data from the expanded College Scorecard, this report ranks 4,500 colleges and universities by return on investment titled, “A First Try at ROI: Ranking 4,500 Colleges.”  Capitol Technology University was ranked 213 out of 4,500 with a 20 year NPV, ranked 141 out of 4,500 after a 30 year NPV, and over a 40 year lifetime of work, ranked 120 out of 4,500 college/universities.  “Capitol Tech has existed over 90 years providing students great careers while supporting employer’s needs,” says Dr. Sims, President of the University.

Our current Bachelor of Science Programs Include: +Astronautical Engineering +Business Analytics and Data Science +Computer Engineering +Computer Engineering Technology +Computer Science +Construction Management and Critical Infrastructure +Construction Safety (Online Only) +Cyber Analytics +Cybersecurity +Electrical Engineering +Electronics Engineering Technology +Engineering Technology +Facilities Management and Critical Infrastructure +Management of Cyber and Information Technology +Mechatronics Engineering +Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Technology +Information Technology +Software Engineering +Technology and Business Management +Unmanned and Autonomous Systems

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