Capitol Tech Hits 'Start' on Esports Program

May 4, 2022
Capitol Esports

Esports—the world of competitive and organized gaming. This relatively new sporting frontier, which has grown exponentially, is now available for collegiate competition. While not new, esports are new to Capitol Tech and our students.

Through the collaboration of the Executive Committee and Information Technology (IT), Student Life, and Facilities departments, Capitol Tech’s has planned a multi-faceted and multi-layered esports arena. With the addition of a dedicated student life member in the role of Assistant Director of Esports and Competitive Activities we are looking to forward to providing the following e sports offerings:

  1. Academy-level play for students to learn new games, gaming strategies, and expose students to the gaming world so they may explore esports in a casual and inclusive manner;
  2. Intramural/club-level play where competition is internal among Capitol Tech students. This may be through game nights, tournaments, or seasons of play through already existing student clubs and organizations; and
  3. Varsity-level play where competition is external through tournaments and seasons of play against other colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. This level of play pertains to the university sanctioned team who will represent the university with Chargers branded swag and will be subject to academic requirements and dedicated practice times.
  4. New degree programs in Esports Management and a minor in Esports and Gaming Administration

The esports arena is located on the first floor of C building that was previously occupied by the IT department. The transformation of this area included a raised floor, lighting upgrades, and, of course, gaming opportunities. This space will allow students to study, collaborate on game play and strategies, and watch others play online and console games. The space will then transition to the gaming area which will include 25 individual gaming stations with new, upgraded systems to allow for peak team practice and intramural competitions. This arena is flexible, allowing stations to be moved into any configuration possible based on need. A competition stage will be located at the far end of the space where the varsity team will compete as the Chargers. The Assistant Director of E sports and Competitive Activities’ office will also be located in this space.

With this esports endeavor, we hope to bring a whole new way for students to engage with the university and the community. This will be the first Capitol Charger team to both represent the university in the world of esports and on a national scale, allowing Capitol Tech to become known beyond our current education and industrial circles. We anticipate our esports team to put Capitol Tech and the Capitol Chargers in conversations nationwide providing exposure to Capitol Tech like never before through platforms such as Twitch, tournament/competition sponsors, and beyond. This program and the Capitol Charger team will also serve as a tool for student recruitment and retention.

Entering into the world of esports is a leap of faith, but we’re confident that this program will be a success if we look to our current and future students who already are familiar with and successful in this world of esports.

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