Artificial Intelligence

National Science Fiction Day: A History of Science and Technology in Fiction

January 4, 2022
January 2 marked the annual celebration of National Science Fiction Day. By no coincidence, this date is also the birthday of Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction writer and professor of biochemistry.
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New AI systems create false information to mislead adversaries and prevent intellectual property theft

July 29, 2021
A new and improved cybersecurity tool, developed by Dartmouth researchers, will mislead hackers trying to steal trade secrets by preventing intellectual property theft with AI, machine learning and natural language processing.
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AI & Machine Learning in Social Cognition: Building understanding of subjective notions of human attraction

July 19, 2021
By discovering how machine learning can understand human attraction, researchers have found a new use of AI in studies of social cognition that could improve our understanding of issues like implicit bias and decision-making.
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