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Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning in Social Cognition: Building understanding of subjective notions of human attraction

July 19, 2021
By discovering how machine learning can understand human attraction, researchers have found a new use of AI in studies of social cognition that could improve our understanding of issues like implicit bias and decision-making.

Using machine learning in the healthcare industry to predict health outcomes

April 19, 2021
Machine learning uses data analysis to learn and improve. After being trained on set algorithms, it can function independently and predict outcomes much faster than a human, which can be a tremendous benefit in the healthcare industry.

Using Machine Learning Techniques to Limit Social Media Misinformation

March 10, 2021
With an estimated 500 million tweets a day, reviewing even a small percentage of those flagged as misinformation is hours of work. Researchers are exploring machine learning techniques to streamline this process and eliminate “fake news” on social media.

Forecasting Wind Patterns Using Machine Learning

January 6, 2021
Machine learning has been integrated into many aspects of daily life, including smart devices and social media. Now machine learning is being used to help the environment, by predicting wind patterns.