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Committed to Success

Ian McAndrew Ph.D.
Dean of Doctoral Programs

It was in the ‘90s in England when I began as a Chair for my first Ph.D. student. He had been a Master’s Capstone student of mine first.  In the beginning, I wasn’t sure who was the most worried about the research being a success. Fortunately, I had a wonderful mentor to help as a committee member and I believe I learned more than the student in a broader sense. He finished on time and that satisfaction was a relief too that I had not let him down.

Since that student, I have had 77 others complete at different universities and on different continents. It is an honor to be able to chair doctorate students and although doctorate degrees are different in focus and examination in different countries, they all afford the student with the accolade of the highest studied qualification possible.

What I have learned is they are also all similar in process. It starts with planning; robust planning with measurable outcomes a must and those that finish on time are the ones that plan fully. Next, commitment and hard work as it is a long journey with hurdles and frequently stressful. Finally, attention to detail, again and again. These are not everything that’s needed, however, almost all successful students have all shown these strengths and finished on time.

As said before, with 77 successful doctorate students and expecting to reach 80 by years end, the excitement from each success never dwindles for me but intensifies. Then at graduation, the excitement happens again in seeing their success shared with their friends and family.

What makes us better at Capitol for doctorate students is faculty providing relevant leading-edge experience to support the student.  The faculty feel as committed as I do to the student’s success which goes back to my first Ph.D. student. Mentoring the mentor is needed and with our faculty, it is built-in with our committee selection. That our graduation rate is significantly higher than the national average supports our commitment.  

In 2020, we will celebrate our tenth year of doctorate enrollment at Capitol Technology University and expect to have achieved over 170 doctorate completions in that time span. Under the tenure of our President, Dr. Sims, we are achieving quality and completion globally. We have expert faculty from all over the world as and business leaders as keynote speakers at our residencies.  We know our research is recognized globally and that our expertise will mentor your doctorate completion.

If you are thinking of getting your doctorate, you definitely should consider us at Capitol as your success is our success and your success is what we care about.