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Creating Professional Focused Doctorates to Support Industry Needs

April 28, 2021

Capitol Technology University is focused on students’ growth to meet the demands of today’s industry. The expansion of the doctoral programs to connect to modern industry needs was led by President Brad Sims, who has a background in the construction industry and computer technology knowledge, and Dr. Ian McAndrew, the Dean of Doctoral Programs with a background in automotive and aerospace industry. Both university leaders wanted to provide the opportunity to full-time working individuals who still wished to pursue a research-based doctoral degree. The leaders decided on a format that allows students to obtain the same research skills without having to leave their full-time job and spend several years as a full-time on campus student.

In the spirit of Eugene H. Rietzke, the founder of the university who was a Navy veteran and radio operator who saw the need for an advanced school that would produce talented radio and electronics technicians, Capitol Technology University was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1927. Starting as Capitol Radio Engineering Institute (CREI) as a correspondence school, its popularity quickly led to the 1932 opening of a residence division, allowing students to work hands-on in laboratories. The many research online doctorates provide students across the United States and the world an opportunity for growth.

Capitol Tech’s alumni have one of the best ROIs (return on investment) in the nation. Georgetown University released a report using data from the expanded College Scorecard, ranking 4,500 colleges and universities by return on investment. The report, titled “A First Try at ROI: Ranking 4,500 Colleges,” ranks Capitol Technology University as number 213 out of 4,500 with a 20 year NPV, 141 out of 4,500 after a 30 year NPV, and 120 out of 4,500 college/universities over a 40 year lifetime of work.

Dr. Ian McAndrew, the Dean of the Doctoral Programs, has over 30 years of academic research experience. He is an experienced doctorate chair/committee member with over 115 plus successes himself and is a mentor to numerous doctoral committee members and chairs. He is a keynote speaker on the international stage and participates in numerous international conferences. Dr. McAndrew is an experienced external examiner both in the USA and worldwide. He also is an editor or assistant editor of 7 international journals.

One of the greatest benefits of completing a doctoral degree at Capitol Technology University is the personal contact each student receives throughout their program. If you are accepted to a doctoral program, the university feels you can successfully complete your degree and Dr. McAndrew will be just an email or zoom meeting away to offer advice. For graduates of the doctoral program, Capitol Technology University offers a unique opportunity in some areas to participate on other doctoral candidates’ committees and learn to advance to chair future committees, or in some cases instruct an online course for the university.

Capitol Technology University is a career-focused fully accredited university that is here to support students’ success and career advancement in highly sought-after industries. Learn more about Capitol Tech’s doctoral programs by visiting