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The Future of Technology Starts with Capitol Technology University Students: Bachelor's Edition 

The importance of technology to the future is undeniable. Capitol Technology University, an accredited institution located just outside of Washington D.C., made educating students to become the next STEM leaders its mission since 1927. Capitol Tech offers practical courses taught by industry experts so students can graduate with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree and gain the experience necessary to seamlessly enter the most technologically advanced government agencies and companies.

While many college graduates struggle to find meaningful work with their degrees, Capitol Tech provides a launch pad to a better life because the institution is dedicated to providing students with the real-world experience they need to enter today’s tech job market.

“I recruit from Capitol Tech for many reasons–Capitol Tech students typically possess better teaming and collaboration skills. Their technical skills also are better as each class has a "hands-on" component to them,” said Tom Beall, a Senior Manager at Motorola Solutions. “The continual exposure to “hands-on” allows Capitol Tech students a safe environment to take risks and experience failures. Many graduates from other institutions with fewer hands-on opportunities seem to be more risk-averse.”

Undergraduate students are guaranteed their investment is worthwhile through the Capitol Commitment. The Capitol Commitment promises undergraduate students will find a position in their field within 90 days of graduation. If they don’t, Capitol Tech will provide up to 36 additional undergraduate credits—tuition free—while they continue their job search.

Kierra Jiles, a 2017 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineer and now works at The U.S. Department of State, began seeing the rewards of a Capitol Tech degree immediately upon graduation.

“Capitol followed through on every promise they made. I’m still getting job opportunities constantly, even when I’m not looking,” Kierra said. “Having that kind of job security has been amazing.”

Capitol Tech provides an environment where STEM-focused students of any age or background can reach their full potential by learning from industry experts.