Make This Saturday a Cyber Saturday!

December 31, 1969

Capitol’s Cyber Lab is excited to present the latest in a series of special events, dubbed Cyber Saturdays, designed for students and young people with an interest in computers, coding, gaming and cybersecurity.

If that sounds like you, you’ll want to be at the McGowan Center on the Capitol campus starting at noon this Saturday (October 17) for a series of exciting, game-type activities, including “Oddball” and “Lock Picking.”

Food will be provided, and participants will also have the opportunity to win door prizes. The event will be held at the Cyber Lab, a pioneering facility that provides a venue for practicing cybersecurity skills and techniques in a real-time setting. The lab is located on the second floor of the McGowan Center, in Room M201.

Cyber Saturdays are mainly intended to be fun, while at the same time involving skills utilized in cybersecurity, one of today’s most in-demand fields.

“These events increase awareness and then they get students interested in the [cybersecurity] profession,” says Professor William Butler, chair of the Cybersecurity program at Capitol.

Cyber Saturdays have been a recurring event at Capitol since 2013. Megan Young, director of admissions operations, says the program is retooled on a regular basis to make it even more fun and challenging for participants.

“It gets better and better each year,” Young said. “Different people run it each year, and each set of organizers brings their own take to the event, so we’re continually introducing a fresh perspective. The basic purpose remains the same, but there’s variety in terms of the specific activities.”

The event is open to anyone with an interest in computers or gaming, but space is limited. To find out more, contact the Cyber Lab at