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New to Capitol Tech: M.Res. in Aviation Maintenance

July 1, 2021

At Capitol Technology University we are delighted to share that beginning in Fall 2021 we will offer a Master’s of Research (M.Res.) in Aviation Maintenance. This fascinating and in-demand subject can be studied 100% online from anywhere in the world. The aviation industry, as it recovers from the pandemic, needs researchers to investigate current needs to propose solutions to future demands. Aviation is the safest travel industry, and maintenance is one of the key aspects in keeping it that way1.

A Master’s of Research is a unique degree at the Master’s level and consists of 30 credits divided into 5 courses. It is designed for research-focused professionals who want to explore more on a specific subject. It can be taken by people who already have an MS degree and are interested more in research of this new subject. Likewise, BS holders may want to enroll in this unique degree type to learn research methods on their road to a PhD and current PhD holders in the engineering or aviation fields may want to research maintenance to expand their knowledge base. 

Why aviation maintenance? Every commercial airline flying into the USA has to meet high standards of airworthiness, and maintenance is key. Modern aircrafts are more complex than ever and require more skills and education than in the past. This degree will allow students to dedicate their research to the needs of the industry while also delving into their own areas of interest. Graduates will be active leaders as certified engineers responsible for the final sign-off to fly after base maintenance. The industry is changing; be part of that change. 

Students will study the principles, ethics, planning, and research fundamentals in their first two courses. The final three courses will be where they develop, plan, undertake, and present a major research problem under the guidance of a research committee. Their thesis will be the completion of 18 credit hours of directed research. 

This exciting degree is both unique in that no other M.Res. in Aviation Maintenance exists in the country. It also leads directly into several sought-after PhD fields of study. At Capitol Technology University we have a solid foundation in aviation, as many of our faculty are fellows of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and decades of experience teaching hands-on, top quality engineering courses.


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