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New to Capitol Tech: MS in Counterterrorism

June 15, 2021

At Capitol Technology University, we are delighted to share that beginning in Fall 2021 we will offer a Master of Science (MS) degree in Counterterrorism. This important subject is in great demand in the national security community, in government, and in the private sector, because countering terrorism also encompasses the need to counter cyberattacks against the critical infrastructure, with terrorists increasingly utilizing cyberspace to conduct their operations and attacks. Moreover, with terrorists organized in groups and loosely affiliated networks, as well as lone actors, new analytic concepts, methodologies and tools are required to examine these new developments, which a technology university such as Capitol Tech is uniquely positioned to provide its students. 

What makes the Capitol Tech Master’s in Counterterrorism unique is its multi-disciplinary approach, with the students also studying computer science, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, and intelligence analytic methods. This approach will provide the students with a well-rounded specialization in counterterrorism studies that will contribute to their professional advancement in national security.

The Master of Science (MS) in Counterterrorism is a 30 credit graduate school degree that is unique in many ways. It is fully accredited by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), whether as a terminal Master’s degree or as a prerequisite for entering an advanced doctoral program.

The program’s 30 credits consist of 10 courses: seven in counterterrorism studies (terrorism and counterterrorism, including tools and techniques in examining these subjects, a seminar and a capstone project), and courses on critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, and international security and computer science-based intelligence analytic methods to study these subjects.

The program is designed for graduate students who seek to upgrade and expand their specializations in these subjects, which will help them to further advance in their professional careers. It is also a means to earn a Master’s degree to enter a PhD program. 

Throughout the program’s duration, the enrolled students will form a cohort that will be part of a community of interest on terrorism and counterterrorism issues. A dedicated blog will be established that will enable the students to communicate with each other on these issues, share articles and other materials of interest, as well as communicate with the program’s faculty who will also be sharing their latest published work on these issues. 

In such a way, the Master’s in Counterterrorism Studies will provide the students with an educational environment that will contribute to their intellectual and professional development as well-rounded specialists in the field.