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A New Doctoral Year Begins

Dr. Ian McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Orientation

The start of any new Doctoral year always brings excitement for the faculty and students. Personally, with 68 successfully completed doctoral students, I am always keen to support more completions as it is the zenith of success for academics. The thrill I get from every success never diminishes. 

At Capitol Technology University we are one of a very few North American universities that offer doctorates by teaching, thesis or publication. The global trend on doctorates by publications is growing and we offer this opportunity. Those interested in an academic career can gain an advantage by completing a doctorate and have a proven publication record of accomplishment.

The range of doctorates has grown significantly under the direction of President Sims. In 2010, we launched our first doctorate in information assurance (now the Doctorate in Cybersecurity) and added the Ph.D. in Business Analytics and Decision Sciences in 2015. Since Dr. Sim’s arrival in 2017, our additions with the U.K. models of thesis or publications have given us a much larger portfolio. We are committed to having STEM doctorates comparable to the best internationally. Our faculty are here to ensure success and students’ completions on time. For the past 20 months, I have worked diligently with students to achieve completion.  Our success rate is fast approaching 60%, which is much higher than the national average and will be higher by the end of this academic year. 

Capitol Technology has already passed the 130 doctorates completed.  The 2019 graduation had 28 Doctoral graduates - our best year yet - and I expect this to exceed for next year’s graduation. 

One thing we can say is that Capitol is committed to your success. Our results speak for themselves.