NSA's New AI Security Center Aims to Protect AI from Foreign Threats

October 3, 2023

The National Security Agency (NSA) recently announced the establishment of its new AI Security Center, a groundbreaking initiative designed to oversee the development and secure integration of the United States’ artificial intelligence capabilities in its national security systems and defense industry. This center is part of the NSA's Cybersecurity Collaboration Center and aims to be the focal point for promoting the secure adoption of AI technologies across the national security enterprise. 

To achieve its mission, the center will collaborate with industry, academia, and select foreign partners. The move comes in response to the growing importance of AI in safeguarding various aspects of national security for the United States and its Allies, including diplomacy, technology, and the economy.  


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Protecting AI from Foreign Threats 

Among the Center’s main goals is to understand vulnerabilities and foreign intelligence threats to AI systems and develop strategies to mitigate them. Other key functions the Center will take on to secure the development and integration of AI within U.S. national security and the defense industry include: 

  • Development of Best Practices: The Center will create best practices for the secure adoption of AI technologies. This includes developing guidelines, principles, and standards that ensure AI systems are designed, implemented, and used in a secure and responsible manner—including that final decisions continue to be made by humans. 

  • Evaluation Methodology: To assess the security of AI systems, the Center will establish evaluation methodologies that will help identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in AI technologies and provide a basis for improving their security. 

  • Risk Frameworks: The Center will design risk frameworks specific to AI security that can help organizations and agencies assess and mitigate the potential risks associated with AI systems. 

  • Foreign Intelligence Insights: The Center will analyze and use foreign intelligence data to better understand potential threats and vulnerabilities related to AI. It will also work to identify and address potential foreign intelligence threats, as well as theft and exploitation of AI systems, that could compromise the security and integrity of AI technologies. 

  • Collaboration: To develop a comprehensive and robust approach to AI security and integrate industry-led AI innovations, the Center will collaborate extensively with various stakeholders to develop new technologies and solutions, as well as promote more widespread adoption of best practices. 


A Significant and Timely Announcement 

Adversaries have a long history of trying to exploit American technological advances, and AI is no exception. With U.S. presidential elections set for 2024, there are significant concerns about potential interference by foreign actors like China and Russia. The NSA will work closely with its allies to monitor activity in their elections and use those insights to plan for and counter potential disruptions in 2024. 

The NSA's AI Security Center is a major step in protecting the United States' national security interests in the era of AI. While the U.S. currently leads in the field of AI, the announcement of the center is an effort to ensure that this lead is not taken for granted while also bolstering both AI’s development and its responsible use. 

AI is becoming increasingly consequential for both the United States and its allies. To maintain a competitive edge, the U.S. must stay ahead in AI development and protect its innovations from being stolen, manipulated, or corrupted by malicious foreign actors. As AI continues to evolve, initiatives like the National Security Agency’s AI Security Center are crucial to safeguarding our nation's interests and maintaining global security. 


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