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Showcasing Capitol's Programs at the NSBE's Annual Convention

By Xavier A. Richards, Director of Graduate Recruitment

The National Society of Black Engineers held its annual convention in Anaheim California during March. Candace Rodgers and I participated in the graduate and career fair and so we were able to meet with NSBE members from all over the world.  

There were about 10,000 engineers at  the convention. 

We met with undergraduate students who had backgrounds in electrical, biomedical, mechanical, aerospace, astronautical, civil engineering to name a few. We also met with working professionals who are seeking to advance their careers.This diverse group of prospective students presented the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our online master's degree programs in computer science, electrical engineering, internet engineering, and astronautical engineering. There was also a great deal of interest in our cybersecurity and business master's and doctoral programs.

It was also a joy to meet Capitol alumni and current students who came up to the booth and tell us about their wonderful and most memorable time at Capitol. There were over 200 employers at the convention and we were able to network with companies that gave us information on internships and coops that are available to undergraduate students.

This event gave us the chance to recruit the brightest engineering students who excel academically and professionally and we look forward to working with them as they apply to our graduate programs.