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STEM-world Serendipity: Women, Cyber, and Space

By Dr. McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral Programs

One of my doctorate students is living in France and is passionate about STEM education for women, cyber, and space. She frequently asks me for quotes on subjects or records my quotes. Some of these she posts on LinkedIn and other sites; occasionally I see myself quoted. Generally I have not followed up as Ludmila is a dedicated and recognized women in cyber, whose connections are naturally partners of our core subjects.

This past Saturday I had just returned from shopping and received a message from Women in Space–Thi Hien Nguyen. She said they were going to open their virtual session with my quote and wondered maybe I would like to introduce the conference, naturally I asked which one. I thought that’s in less than an hour, but I could prepare a couple of slides and share all we are doing at Capitol Technology. After all, STEM, Space and Cyber are core at UG, Master’s and Doctorate levels. Our President, Dr Sims, is also committee to women in STEM both at the university and nationally. We also research Quantum at doctorate level now and the link seemed obvious. 

I logged in early, checked my slides had no errors and waited to be introduced. I was not disappointed on any level. The program, panel and audience were global and a translator into Spanish. I presented the general concepts and opportunities we have at Capitol, realizing more and more, we are akin to their aims. 

I was asked to chair the panel and had the chance to answer many interesting questions. Clearly, quantum technology is core to Space development. It really was satisfying seeing many women from all over the world taking a lead, not waiting but starting this topic and the dawn of a new epoch. 

My overall reflections are of erudite people following their goals and dreams, and that we at Capitol are in an envious position for a university to be able to support this for all and in particular - Women in Space. Check their calendar of events and be part of this momentum.