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Why Do Geeks Golf?

They don’t need GPS to figure yardage to the hole.

Their mastery of trajectory, slope and wind variation allows them to always choose the right club.

They know the number of dimples on golf balls for best aerodynamic performance….ditto for grooves on golf clubs.

They know how to put a small round ball into a slightly larger round hole.

They have plenty of time to think about the next technology solution as they walk or ride 100 – 200 yards to their golf ball 18 times.

Golf appeals to their spirit of perfection.

Still, they can shoot a “10” on a hole without swearing…much…I think.

They appreciate golf as an eco-friendly endeavor (so long as divots are replaced and ball marks repaired).

The game gets them away from their computers for a while (unless they’re carrying one of those automated scoring devices).

Golf awakens their individual potential for achievement and their social skills, playing with three others for four hours or so.

There is always a laugh or two, at the expense of somebody’s funky shot off a tree or in the water.

They understand why an 18-hole round of golf requires 19 holes.

And, because golf is a SCIENCE!...or an Art…or both.

So, Geek or other – Registration has just opened for Capitol's 8th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament for Scholarships. Get a foursome (or we’ll put you in one) and sign up. It’s an opportunity to have fun in the great outdoors and enjoy camaraderie, along with a bit of athletic pursuit that anyone can do. Weather in the first week in October should be grand, and the course at Turf Valley will be in great shape. Enjoy continental breakfast, golf and lunch with fellow students, staff and friends of Capitol. All net proceeds go to scholarship support of our students. October 2, 2015, 9am tee. Contact Leah Caputo at or 301-369-2462.