Your 2022 Career Fair Guide

October 5, 2022

Our 2022 Career Fair and Conference are just 2 days away, and ahead of the exciting events, we're sharing some important resources to help you ensure you're fully prepared to make the best impression on your potential future supervisors. 

The Career Conference will be first, held in the auditorium, and will allow you to gain insight from real industry professionals about hiring processes, interview standards, and what companies look for in their talent search. You'll hear several presentations here before heading over to McGowan to talk with employers. Come ready to listen and learn, and don't forget to take notes! You'll be using what you learned at the conference as you navigate the fair. Once there, you'll meet a wide variety of area employers who are eager to hire sharp, well-educated minds like yours!

Make sure you bring several copies of your resume to hand out to the employer you speak to, something to write with, a notebook, and a smile! And dress to impress––you are a budding professional and your wardrobe should reflect that.

Take a look at our "Career Fair Dos and Don'ts" flyer to get some inspiration for what to wear, bring, and say at the fair. 

Plus, check out our resume guidelines to help get yours up-to-date!

And finally, if you haven't yet registered for the fair, take a moment to do so at:

See you at the fair!

Click here to view our "Dos and Don'ts" flyer for the 2022 Career Fair


Click here to view our Resume Guidelines flyer for the 2022 Career Fair