Post-Baccalaureate in Aerospace Accident Investigation and Fault Analysis

This certificate prepares students to investigate and analyze crash data, “black box” data, and forensic data as well as perform accident reconstruction and technical reviews, optimize maintenance and prevention methods, mitigate financial losses, and evaluate the safety precautions associated with aviation and aerospace accidents.

This certificate program is designed to provide education and training in the technical and investigative skills necessary to succeed in fields involving the management of aircraft, spacecraft, and unmanned / autonomous systems. 

The Certificate in Aerospace Accident Investigation and Fault Analysis is intended for current professionals in the field of Aviation and/or Space, similar and related fields, and those with associated knowledge that are wanting to begin or expand an existing career in this demanding field. 


Aerospace Accident Investigation and Fault Analysis (12 credits) 

Why Capitol?

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Our comprehensive space operations training and partnerships

Capitol Tech’s unique partnerships and collaborations with NASA, the Maryland Space Grant Consortium, and other agencies and organizations, as well as our specialized Space Flight Operations Training Center, complete with observatory and command center, will help students learn real-life scenarios and the engineering behind aircraft, spacecraft, and autonomous systems development, operation, and data analysis.

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