Master of Research in Forensic Cyberpsychology (MRes)

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Earn a Master of Research in Forensic Cyberpsychology and learn all about the psychology of cybercriminal behavior.

Forensic cyberpsychology is a cutting-edge emerging discipline which presents students with an exciting opportunity to engage with this new scientific frontier and help to develop new scientific theories and protocols, or adapt existing psychological and criminological theories with a view to staging cybercrime intervention and/or prevention.

Cybercrime describes crimes carried out by both individuals and groups against computing devices, operational technology systems, or networks, as well as traditional crimes facilitated by the use of the Internet and/or information technology. Cyberpsychology focuses on the study of the impact of technology on human behavior. Cyberpsychologists study Internet psychology, virtual environments, artificial intelligence, intelligence amplification, gaming, digital convergence, social media, mobile and networking devices.  

The emerging subdiscipline of Forensic Cyberpsychology focuses on the study of criminal behavior online and was first highlighted by Professor Mary Aiken almost a decade ago in the Europol 'Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment Report', in an appendix titled "the Cyberpsychology of Internet Facilitated Organised Crime" she outlined "the critical task for cyberpsychology as a discipline is to build up a body of established findings of how human beings experience technology, the critical task in forensic cyberpsychology is to focus on how criminal populations present in cyber environments".

In Forensic Cyberpsychology, the focus is on human factors behind cybercrime, studying offender profiling, behaviors, and what motivates criminals to act as they do, along with gaining insights and understanding into cyber deviancy, juvenile cyber delinquency, risk-taking/harmful behaviors online, and online victimology, as well as developing methods for online investigative procedures that help to mitigate and/or prevent cybercrime.

Capitol Tech has the unique resources and partnerships for students to progress in this field. In addition to learning from the world-leading expert in Cyberpsychology, Dr. Mary Aiken and other award-winning faculty, students may have opportunities for research collaborations with the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of Defense (DoD) and other related agencies and organizations. The university’s proximity to the nation’s technology hub of Washington, D.C. and the DMV ensures prospective students will find many internships and job opportunities available to them with leaders of the industry. 

The M.Res. in Forensic Cyberpsychology program is structured for experienced professionals in this field with an appropriate undergraduate degree. Within the program, students will conduct original research in an approved area of Forensic Cyberpsychology. 

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Strong partnerships lead to career development

Capitol has established strong partnerships with leaders in the industry: the NSA, DoD, and other agencies, business, and organizations to ensure that our students have access to the best resources and networking opportunities to develop their career.

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Industry experience with award-winning faculty and labs

You’ll receive the expert guidance you need to successfully complete your master’s research and build knowledge in the field through our word-leading faculty and our cyber and forensics labs. 

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Program is 100% online

This degree program is 100% online. Students will conduct their studies in virtual labs and receive online instruction from professors to gain the skills needed to develop their potential.

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Career Opportunities

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Market demand for Forensic Cyberpsychology expertise

Get your degree in a rapidly growing field with a predicted future demand for talented and dedicated professionals.

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A degree in a cutting-edge emerging discipline

Graduates will contribute significantly to the emerging Forensic Cyberpsychology field through the creation of new knowledge and ideas. Get the necessary credentials to take on a leadership role; work in industry, become a researcher, advisor, or trusted expert.

Degree Details

The completion of the M.Res. in Forensic Cyberpsychology program requires the student to produce, present, and defend a master's dissertation after receiving the required approvals from the student’s Committee and the M.Res. Review Board, which consists of the Dean and a senior academic with external expertise as needed and the M.Res. Review Board. 

Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates are subject to change.

The following rates are in effect for the 2024-2025 academic year, beginning in Fall 2024 and continuing through Summer 2025:

  • The per credit charge for all other masters courses is $630 per credit hour.
  • The active duty military tuition rate is $350 per credit.
  • The retired military tuition rate is $530 per credit.
  • The information technology fee is $40 per credit hour.
  • High School and Community College full-time faculty and full-time staff receive a 20% discount on tuition for master programs.

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