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Earn an online Master's of Science in Product Management and gain the expertise to lead innovation and products that drive the future of business.

Companies of all kinds are hiring product managers as they race to adopt new technologies in order to stay competitive in today’s business world.

The M.S. in Product Management program opens career paths in an industry seeing revolutionary changes in highly competitive local, national, and global markets and enables current professionals to become product management leaders.

Courses are taught by faculty who bring real-world expertise into the classroom and focus on emerging product management trends, technologies, and techniques and their practical applications.

You’ll graduate with in-depth knowledge that meets the demands of cutting-edge product management roles in the current landscape and adapts to future growth.

Graduates explore careers across industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, and consumer goods, as well as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and other emerging fields.

With an M.S. in Product Management degree, you’re on your way to becoming:

  • Product Manager – average salary, $128,231
  • Technical Product Manager – average salary, $159,006
  • Senior Product Manager – average salary, $195,067 
  • Lead Product Manager – average salary, $200,185
  • Senior Lead Product Manager – average salary, $177,430 
  • Principal Product Manager –  average salary, $225,255
  • Senior Principal Product Manager – average salary, $224,258
  • Senior Director of Product – average salary, $307,061
  • Vice President of Product – average salary, $307,907
  • Senior Vice President of Product – average salary, $336,917
  • Head Product Manager – average salary, $171,554
  • Chief Product Manager – average salary, $296,070 
  • Chief Product Officer (CPO) – average salary, $300,163

Salary based on 2023 Glassdoor salary data
(Source Link:,15.htm)

Why Capitol?


Our programs provide practical experience

Sharpen your communication and leadership skills and build expertise in product strategy development, market research and analysis, and project management through opportunities to gain hands-on experience and apply what you've learned to real-world product management scenarios. The first step in many courses is for students to do a deep dive into an existing product currently on the market that they want to improve.


We’re industry-focused

Our coursework is designed for the needs of the current landscape and to adapt to the future. Classes across product management, market research, project management, leadership, and marketing focus on emerging trends, changing customer demands, and new technologies and their future applications and position students to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

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Our location is a magnet for top faculty

The Washington D.C./Maryland area is one of the largest concentrations of high-tech companies, defense contractors, and government agencies, like the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. Many Capitol Tech faculty currently work for these tech-savvy government organizations and commercial enterprises, so you'll learn how to use cutting-edge strategies and practices from the world's best practitioners.


Program is 100% online

All you need to begin earning your M.S. in Product Management is an Internet connection. We keep the classes small so you receive personalized attention from faculty who are interested in sharing their knowledge and helping you succeed.

Key Faculty

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Career Opportunities

market demand

Market Demand for Product Management

Get the advanced education you need to enter product manager roles and leadership positions in commercial companies across industries and local, state, and federal governments, as well as emerging areas like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning, where product managers are increasingly needed to oversee product development and implementation.

Degree Details


Generally, to apply to a graduate degree program, you should have completed a bachelor's degree or be completing a bachelor's degree prior to enrollment and should have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher.

Some master of science programs have additional technical competency requirements.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates are subject to change.

The following rates are in effect for the 2024-2025 academic year, beginning in Fall 2024 and continuing through Summer 2025:

  • The per credit charge for all other masters courses is $630 per credit hour.
  • The active duty military tuition rate is $350 per credit.
  • The retired military tuition rate is $530 per credit.
  • The information technology fee is $40 per credit hour.
  • High School and Community College full-time faculty and full-time staff receive a 20% discount on tuition for master programs.

Find additional information for 2024-2025 masters tuition and fees.

The MSPM program at Capitol Technology University provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the product management lifecycle, from market research and product design to launch and post-launch management. Our students graduate with the skills and confidence to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry and make an impact in their careers.

-Jeremy D. Pretty, PhD

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