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Earn an Online Master of Research in Sustainability

In today's ever-evolving world, the career landscape continues to transform in response to global trends. Of these trends, one of the most significant is the increasing attention towards sustainable practices and their integration in various aspects of life. As a result, it's becoming more crucial than ever to possess expertise in this field. The solution? Pursuing an online Master of Research (M.Res.) in Sustainability. This degree opens up a world of opportunities in a field that will only grow more relevant with each passing year. There are few more critical concerns facing the world than how materials are managed causing sustainability, the practice of maximizing resources, to become ever more technical and demanding. A first of its kind program, the Master of Research (M.Res.) in Sustainability offers sustainability experts the STEM knowledge and research skills needed to make strides in this growing field with opportunities in multiple sustainability specialties including the mechanical, systems, avionics and material resources, and manufacturing sectors.

An M.Res. in Sustainability is a postgraduate degree designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to address the complex issues surrounding sustainability. The program involves deep study into areas such as sustainable development, environmental policy, renewable energy, and climate change. The M.Res. in Sustainability program is structured for experienced professionals in Sustainability with an appropriate undergraduate degree. During the program, students will conduct original research in an approved area of Sustainability.

The completion of the M.Res. in Sustainability program requires the student to produce, present, and defend a master's dissertation after receiving the required approvals from the student’s Committee and the M.Res. Academic Review Board.

Why Choose an Online M.Res. in Sustainability?

Interdisciplinary Scope
An M.Res. in Sustainability combines elements from multiple disciplines. The program will equip you with a well-rounded view of sustainability and its impacts on society, economy, and environment. You'll explore subjects from environmental science to economics, from policy-making to social justice, and from engineering to business strategy. This holistic education makes graduates more adaptable and capable of addressing real-world sustainability challenges.

Flexible Learning Experience
The online format of the M.Res. in Sustainability offers a flexible learning experience, allowing you to balance your professional and personal commitments with your education. This is particularly beneficial for mid-career professionals looking to enhance their qualifications or shift their career trajectory towards sustainability.

Global Perspective
Online programs often have a more diverse student body compared to traditional classrooms, with students from all over the world. This diversity enhances your learning experience by exposing you to different perspectives on sustainability challenges and solutions, broadening your global outlook.

Career Opportunities and Future Prospects
Upon completion of the M.Res. in Sustainability, a plethora of career opportunities become available. You could venture into the world of policymaking, join a non-profit organization, or work as a consultant for businesses looking to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations.

There's also a significant demand for sustainability experts in academia and research institutions, and having an M.Res. degree puts you in a strong position for these roles. Furthermore, with organizations worldwide pledging to reduce their environmental impact, the demand for sustainability professionals will only increase.

According to, early career sustainability specialists who have a bachelor's degree can expect a salary range of $42,000 to $79,000. Mid-career sustainability specialists can expect a range of $47,000 to $92,000. This increases to $100,000 to $120,000 for specialists with a Master’s degree.

Graduates with the M.Res. in Sustainability degree will be expected to fill technical executive and senior-level positions in commercial companies as well as local, state, and federal government with a variety of titles such as:

  •     Directors of Design
  •     Manufacturing Directors and VP
  •     Researchers
  •     Sustainability consultants
  •     Resource planner
  •     Energy system Design
  •     Advances automotive
  •     Road Transportation experts

Graduates will also be able to serve as a subject matter expert, work in private companies or government agencies, and support roles related to the nation’s climate change challenges.

Making a Difference
Perhaps the most compelling reason to pursue this degree is the potential to make a real difference. Whether it's by creating effective policies, designing innovative sustainable systems, or educating others about the importance of sustainability, you'll be working towards a better, greener future for all.

Choosing to pursue an online M.Res. in Sustainability is a decision to be at the forefront of a field that is increasingly critical in today's world. It's a career choice that not only promises immense growth potential but also the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to society and the environment. So, gear up to be a part of the change and embark on a journey towards a sustainable future. The world needs more sustainability champions, and it's a call you can answer.

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