Dr. Bharat Rawal

Dr. Bharat Rawal

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Bharat S. Rawal is an adjunct professor of Computer and Data Science at Capitol Technology University. His research focuses on network security, cloud computing and security, blockchain, Big Data, and analytical modeling, as well as smart grid and health informatics for the development of next-generation cyber defense and operation technologies. He has published hundreds of peer-reviewed conference proceedings and journal publications, and has two patents. He is a member of (ACM, IEEE, IET, etc.). He received his D.Sc. degree in IT from Towson University, Maryland.

Previous Faculty Positions: Associate Professor at Gannon University, Pennsylvania State University, Professor at Duke University, Chair of Computer and Data Science, Capitol Technology University

Industry Served: Biochem Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Bashundhara Pharmaceutical Ltd., Coracias Advance Technologies LLC

Roles he served in industry: Chairman, President, CEO, and Director of Marketing

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