Gary M. Truslow, DSc.

Gary Truslow

Adjunct Professor

US Navy

Dr. Gary Truslow is a veteran of the IT industry with over 30 year of experience. He is currently a computer scientist with the federal government. Gary has experience with numerous programming languages, databases, and network technologies. His extensive expertise in software and hardware focuses all the way down to component-level electronic designs. Gary’s ability to rapidly learn and apply new technologies to existing infrastructures has made him a valuable member of many organizations in industry, academia, and government. Gary applies technical solutions with a focus on cost-effective results, combining technical and managerial acumen.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Java
  • C++
  • Database
  • Networks
  • Cybersecurity 



  • DSc Cyber Security
  • MS Computer Science
  • MS Govt Information Leadership (CIO/CTO)
  • BS Computer Engineering Tech
  • AAS Electronic Engineering Tech

Professional Achievements

  • First to Deploy Pentaho Data Ingest System with Data Quality Management Enhancements for a US Navy Site
  • Early Adopter/Maintainer of Fiber Optic Networks for a major DoD Agency
  • First to Deploy VMWare Virtualization for a US Navy Site
  • First to Deploy Docker Containers for a US Navy Site
  • Built and Deployed WAN Network System for an allied DoD Partner

Certifications & Licenses

  • DoD CIO/CTO – National Defense University

Honors & Awards 

  • Honor Graduate USAF Technical Training Center, Keesler AFB, MS

Volunteer/Service Experience

  • USAF/ANG 6 years / 7 years respectively with Honorable Discharges from both