Liam Williams

Liam Williams

Adjunct Professor

Clarity Cyber,

Professor Liam Williams is an adjunct faculty member with Capitol Technology University. Prof. Williams has been interested in the STEM world since a very young age. From his first tour of Capitol’s campus, he knew he wanted to be involved in the university’s mission for the long haul. He is a strong supporter of small class sizes and values the direct interaction and collaboration students get with Capitol's faculty. Prof. Williams started working for Capitol during his sophomore year of his bachelor's program as a lab assistant in the Electrical Engineering (EE) Lab. Now, as an adjunct professor, he continues to support the EE Lab operations and utilizes the lab to its fullest in educating students in engineering fields. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree. Prof. Williams teaches Digital Electronics, Circuit Design and Simulation, Micro-processing, C and Assembly, FPGAs, and Digital Design. 

When he is not teaching, Prof. Williams is volunteering with FRC or working towards completing his doctorate. 

Some advice he offers to his students is: “Collaborate with your faculty — they’re here to help and know more than you might think.” 


Areas of Expertise: 

  • Project/Program Development and Planning 
  • Programming 
  • Networking 
  • Hardware Design, Assembly, Analysis, and Repair 
  • Operating Systems and Applications 
  • Secure Systems Engineering 



  • PhD Candidate, Technology, Capitol Technology University 
  • MS, Engineering Technology, Capitol Technology University 
  • BS, Electronics Engineering Technology, Capitol Technology University 

Honors and awards 

  • Faculty Teaching Award, 2022-2023, Capitol Technology University 
  • Student Service Award, 2022, Capitol Technology University 
  • Founder’s Award, 2020, Nentico Lodge OA BSA 

Organizations and affiliations 

  • IEEE 

Volunteer/Service experience 

  • FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) – Mentor, Event Volunteer