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Presidential Investiture

On April 20th, 2018 we officially welcome our eighth president, Dr. Bradford Sims, to Capitol Technology University. Join us in celebrating his arrival and investing him with all due ceremony to the position of university president.

Dr. Bradford Sims

Dr. Bradford Sims became the eighth president of Capitol Technology University on June 1, 2017. An educator, administrator and construction engineer, Dr. Sims has extensive experience both in academia and industry.

An Investiture is an intimate inaugural ceremony to introduce a new president and provide a platform for the president to express their vision for the future of the institution. It is an opportunity for the entire academic community to come together to welcome a new leader and joyfully anticipate the future.

Banner Procession

The Investiture ceremony consists of several key parts, including an inaugural processional, guest speakers, the robing of the new president, the conference of the college symbols unto the new president, and a few words from the invested president.

The processional will include representatives from other universities as well as our own, who have come to welcome our new president. The processional will also see the return of Capitol's school banners, along with our tradition of placing flags from many of the places represented by our student body along the processional path.

Mentor of President

Several speakers will give short greetings to the new president, including a slightly longer greeting given by a mentor of the president.

The president will receive his ceremonial robes, including the presidential medallion.

The "investiture" part of the ceremony includes investing the president with symbols of the university. These symbols of office are institutional relics of historic significance to the university which the new president shall receive, including the presidential mace.

Dr. Bradford Sims

The president will say a few words on his vision for the institution and our community moving forward.

The ceremony will be concluded by the marshall, and, following the recessional, Capitol will provide lunch for our guests in the student center.

We hope you can join us on April 20th!

University Marshall

Symbols and Relics

During the investiture, the new president will be presented with several symbols and relics representative of the university and its spirit. In accepting these symbols and relics the new president acknowledges the history of the university as well as our traditions.

Here is a close up look at some of the symbols of our Capitol culture, which Dr. Sims will agree to accept and protect.

The university corporate seal, embossed on all official transcripts.

The school's official charter.

A photograph of one of the first graduating classes of Capitol Radio Engineering Institute, Capitol Technology University's first iteration founded in 1927.

The president's mace, carried in every graduation ceremony by the president, the master of ceremonies, or the university marshal.

A treasured replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. This much loved Puente Library fixture was donated to the university by our sixth president, President G. William Troxler, and his wife.

A vacuum tube - an instrumental piece of engineering used in most early radios. Capitol Technology University got its start in 1927 as Capitol Radio Engineering Institute. The vacuum tube will serve to represent our roots in radio engineering.


9 am to 9:30 am - Processional participants arrive

9:45 am - Processional begins

10:00 am - Ceremony begins

11:15 am to 11:30 am - Recessional

11:30 am - Luncheon begins

2:00 pm - Luncheon ends

Other events to follow include:

Frisbee Golf Course Grand Opening

Student-run Event

Cyber Saturday 4/21


RSVP Instructions


Please let us know if you plan to join us on April 20th for the investiture of our 8th president! All guests should fill out the guest RSVP form, or mail in your guest response card by April 2nd.

Current students need not RSVP.

Institutions sending representatives should please additionally fill out the delegate RSVP form, or mail back the delegate response card by April 2nd.

The ceremony will begin at 10:00 a.m. and be held in the Avrum Gudelsky Auditorium. The dress code is business professional. We hope to see you there!

Guest RSVP Form

Delegate RSVP Form - delegates should please complete both forms

Capitol Technology University Seal


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