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Capitol College President’s Forum Hosts Renowned Speaker on Citizen Science


On Wednesday, April 13, the Capitol College President’s Forum will present Dr. Pamela L. Gay at 12:00 p.m. in the Avrum Gudelsky Auditorium.
Gay’s speech, titled Citizen Science: From the Cosmos to Cornflowers. The Story of how Ordinary People are enabling large-scale discovery, will discuss the nature of “citizen science” and detail how average people are making extraordinary discoveries every day.
“We live in a new age of technology driven science, with new instruments and new computers allowing us to collect more information – more images, more DNA profiles, more environmental sensor data – than ever before,” Gay says. “These new technologies make it possible to answer new questions and do new studies that couldn't even be imagined in the past.”

Follow this link to learn more about the Spring 2011 President's Forum.