Capitol Leadership Presenting at International Cybersecurity Forum Oct 25

Capitol Technology University President Dr Bradford Sims and CWC Executive Director Dr Diane Janosek will be participating in the International Cybersecurity Forum North America (ICF) on Wed, Oct 25 in Montreal, Canada.

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The ICF is the largest cybersecurity and digital trust event on the continent, drawing in thousands of professionals who are actively advancing the field of cyber. National and international speakers will give presentations on critical topics in cybersecurity, providing their expert opinions and experiences in this field. Topics will include discussions on corporate governance and financial partnerships, cloud datasphere and security, generative artificial intelligence, third party risks and weaknesses, cybersecurity and emotional intelligence, cyber resilience and hygiene, diversity in the cyber workforce, and cyber ethics, to name a few. Last year, the event attracted 19,000 participants, 550 private and public sponsors, and 520 speakers, with 60 countries represented. This year, an even larger turnout is expected. 

Dr. Sims and Dr. Janosek will be part of a roundtable discussion titled Innovation: Digital Education is the Best Global Preventative to Stop Cybercrime. The discussion will focus on the ways in which digital education is proving to be a major preventative defense against cyberattacks, and how introducing innovation into educational programs across all disciplines prepares future generations to understand and counter digital vulnerabilities. From the design of physical objects to raising young people's awareness of online dangers, a multi-disciplinary approach strengthens digital security at all levels. In addition, responding to the constantly evolving threats with a solid education and critical thinking skills is becoming essential for current and future decision-makers. However, despite the importance of detection tools, a preventive approach that incorporates the human factor is paramount to countering cyber threats. In this way, digital education fosters innovation, collaboration and protection against emerging digital risks. 

A recent article published by Capitol highlights the ongoing efforts of the university in achieving equity in cyber education, as well as the foreseeable challenges for higher education in the next few years. Capitol is seeking to advance its offerings by establishing mentorship resources such as the Center for Women in Cyber (CWC), which seeks to empower the next generation to pursue education and careers in cyber. The CWC is currently hosting a series of leadership webinars on cyber-related topics, and participates in conferences around the world for cybersecurity awareness. Capitol also launched its new Cyber Sleuths program in collaboration with the National Security Agency’s (NSA) GenCyber initiative to improve the quality of cyber education offered to our educators and their students. 

Event Details: 

International Cybersecurity Forum North America (ICF) 

Date: Wednesday, October 25 - Thursday, October 26, 2023 

Location: Palais des Congrès in Montreal, Canada 

Capitol Presentation: Oct. 25 at 9:55 a.m. (Canada/Eastern) 

Pre-registration is open