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Capitol reduces summer tuition rates


In order to continue providing access to a quality, affordable and practical education in these difficult economic times, Capitol College will reduce undergraduate tuition rates by 1/3 for the 2009 summer semester.

This is Capitol’s third year providing this discount, although the reduction this year might prove to be a relief for some undergraduate students and their parents, whose bank accounts are dwindling due to the current recession. Summer course options could also prove to be a great way for students to get ahead and finish their degree earlier than expected.

“Taking courses in the summer is an excellent idea for undergraduate students. It can help them improve their GPA, as they only have to focus on a course or two, and it could also help them get back on track if they are falling behind,” says Helen Barker, dean of Capitol’s School of Business and Information Management. “Students who take courses during the summer most often graduate early, which gets them into the job hunting pool sooner rather than later.”

Undergraduate students taking a class in any of Capitol’s engineering, computer science or technology degree programs should expect to pay just $401 per credit hour, while business and management students will see their per credit hour rate drop to $219.

“This reduction in fees represents one of the many ways Capitol College gives back to the community we serve,” commented W. Vic Maconachy, Capitol’s vice president for academic affairs and CAO. “It is our form of a ‘stimulus package’ which enables current and new students to save thousands of dollars by shortening the amount of time needed to complete degrees.”

Undergraduates aren’t the only students who can take advantage of Capitol’s mission to be affordable; for a limited time, Capitol is offering a 15% tuition discount for all alumni who want to earn a master’s degree. Students are eligible for only one tuition discount at a time and must begin classes during the summer 2009, fall 2009, or spring 2010 semesters. Contact the Business Office for more information.

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