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Capitol Tech Pens MOU with Aerospace Village, to Collaborate on DEFCON 28 and Beyond

Capitol Technology University and Aerospace Village, a fellow non-profit organization of dedicated researchers in all aspects of aerospace security, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form a mentorship program and collaborate during DEFCON 28 on August 6-9, 2020.

Through this MOU, Capitol Tech will provide personnel to support webinars, funding for badges to be used during DEFCON 28, and the potential to recruit highly-qualified students from Capitol Tech to participate in a Aerospace Village’s mentoring program.

“This partnership with Aerospace Village will expand Capitol Tech’s ability to provide students with meaningful connections, real-world experience, and future job security,” said Dr. Brad Sims, President of Capitol Technology University. “And, while DEFCON 28 has been moved from an in-person event to an online event, the conference will attract many budding and established industry experts in Aerospace technology.”

The MOU also promises that Aerospace Village will provide mentoring opportunities for Capitol Tech students to gain increased hands-on, real-world experience. Aerospace Village will tap an underutilized pool of highly qualified retired Navy and other federal researchers in the Washington DC area to accelerate the technical and professional development of high-potential undergraduate students at Capitol Tech in areas such as Modeling and Simulation, Augmented Reality, Neuromorphic Computing, Sensing and Autonomy. Working in a dedicated makerspace, Aerospace Village students who successfully complete the two-year program will gain a head start in patenting/publishing through collaboration with role models whose careers have been spent in the national security enterprise. Aerospace Village students will also serve as near peers to high school students from comparable backgrounds on robotics and capstone research projects. Aerospace Village will be showcased annually at the DC Convention Center as ARTS in Anacostia.

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