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Capitol Tech Prepares for 2019 Spring Residency

By: Dr. Ian McAndrew, FRAeS

doctoral candidates stand in McGowan

Residency is that time of the semester when all the students come together and meet old friends and make new ones. We anticipate a total attendance of 100 this time and planning is critical for its success. We are fortunate that those supporting us are dedicated professionals with the same enthusiasm as the faculty.

As relatively new to Capitol Technology and our residencies, I too find it an exciting time when I can meet the new students and link with the excellent faculty that make this all possible. Since I started as Capitol’s Dean of Doctoral Programs I have tried to add my input that all benefit more and leave excited to continue their efforts. As an academic that has chaired or been on committees for over 60 successful students I want to share my experience and help give our students a direct path to completion. We have now, in less than ten years graduated over 120 students; and currently have approximately 200 studying. It always impresses me when those that graduate want to return to support others in any way possible.

For those that are attending their first residency, you will have the chance to see your peers and learn more about the complete research to writing process. The first day of residency is mainly all groups coming together for information sharing and dissemination. Many students, naturally, have lots of questions and concerns about the doctoral process. Taking the day to answer any questions you might have always helps alleviate the stress of the unknown.

Dr. Pruitt-Mentle
Dr. Pruitt-Mentle (image from NIST)

This year we have the pleasure of being joined by our guest speaker, Dr. Davina Pruitt-Mentle. Dr. Pruitt-Mentle is the Lead for Academic Engagement of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Her extensive background in science and education includes acting as a senior researcher and policy analyst for Educational Technology Policy, Research and Outreach (ETPRO). According to the NIST website, “She [Dr. Pruitt-Mentle] has spent the past 20 years conducting research on student and educator cyberawareness, and developing programs to help increase the cybersecurity workforce pipeline.”

All of us at Capitol, myself included, are extremely excited to have Dr. Pruitt-Mentle with us as our guest speaker this year.

The remainder of the residency divides students into the two subject streams - DSc and PhD. First years are kept together and second and final are grouped to prepare deeper for the dissertation. Those on their third and final residency will be defending.

No matter how many defenses I attend it is always a thrill to be part of the work, and when completed to be able to say '...congratulations Doctor'. For me this is always my abiding memory of each residency. If you ever wonder about getting through all this studying just think of that day, a day when you reach the top of your study and achieve excellence.