Capitol Technology University Hosts First Inaugural Doctoral Hooding Ceremony for Class of 2024

This year, Capitol Technology University hosted our first inaugural Doctoral Hooding Ceremony on Friday, April 26, celebrating the outstanding academic achievements of 102 doctoral graduates for our Class of 2024.  

During this ceremony, we acknowledged the lasting commitment that our students have made to their studies, pursuing higher education and career advancement, and contributing to new knowledge in the field through their determined efforts. These graduates now join a distinguished group of nearly 500 Capitol Technology University doctoral alumni, and represent a community of scholars who have devoted their academic pursuits to technology-focused learning that will help empower the future of our global society. 

2024 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony at Capitol Tech


President of the University, Dr. Bradford Sims, congratulated our doctoral graduates, stating that “it is an especially significant achievement we recognize in the hooding ceremony, acknowledging the commitment our students have made to the contribution of new knowledge through their doctoral studies. We celebrate you today and will continue to celebrate your future successes as members of our Capitol community.” 

Dr. Ian McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral Programs, offered his words of congratulations as well, emphasizing the importance of the ceremony. “The hooding ceremony is very symbolic and important as it was the completion of a major research topic. This dedicated ceremony allowed us all to be part of their special day.” 

Dr. McAndrew Speaking at 2024 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony at Capitol Tech


Each of our doctoral graduates demonstrated a commendable dedication to their program of choice through the innovative research and culmination of knowledge shown in their studies and theses. Dissertations topics varied from risk management in cybersecurity, healthcare cyber vulnerability, efficacy of software design, predictive modeling, supply chain infrastructure, machine learning and robotics intelligence, workplace accident logistics, global need for artificial intelligence, quantum computing and unified theory, and more. This year, 10 of our doctoral candidates graduated with a DSc in Cybersecurity, and 92 graduated with a PhD in AI, Computer Science, Aeronautical Science, Critical Infrastructure, Emergency and Protective Services, Product Management, Cyber Leadership, Occupational Health and Safety, Human Factors, and many more. 

A History of Doctoral Programs at Capitol 

In 2010, (then) Capitol College launched its first doctoral program in response to nearly 20 years of success with our Master’s programs and a growing demand for advanced degrees in the area of information assurance. With a cohort of 10 students, Capitol’s first doctoral program began, and in 2012, our first doctoral graduate was awarded the Doctor of Science in Information Assurance (DSc IA). This degree was subsequently renamed the Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity – and the first 6 students were awarded that degree in December of 2014. In 2015, Capitol added a PhD in Business Analytics & Decision Sciences to our offerings. Over the years, the name of this degree changed to reflect the changing nature of the field and it is now the PhD in Business Analytics & Data Science. In 2017, Capitol introduced our mentored model PhDs, and the first of these mentored degrees, the PhD in Technology, was awarded in December of 2019.  

Currently, Capitol Technology University offers over 40 doctoral programs tailored to prepare our students to meet the in-demand need for a skilled, professional workforce in today’s fast-growing technology industries across the globe. The flexibility of our online doctorate programs, along with the mentorship of our industry-expert faculty, allows for students to seamlessly pursue their education and careers. While completing one of our programs, students are quickly engaged in the advancement of their field through the creation of new knowledge, ideas, and research without the limitations inherent in traditional coursework models. Upon graduation, graduates are ready to take on a variety of leadership, expert, and teaching roles. 

Origin of Our Hooding Ceremony 

The origin of our doctoral robes and hoods may be traced back to the 19th century when the open tunic of professors featured a fur lining. The velvet facings on today’s modern doctoral robes recall this fur lining of those early scholarly robes. The doctoral robe traditionally is a black gown, however in the 19th century, the chancellor of Oxford University began appearing in academic processions wearing an elaborate robe with a train and gold oak-leaf lace. Ornamentation of the traditional cleric’s gown proved to be popular, and scholars at many universities adopted this to decorate their doctoral gowns. Today, it is common for the doctoral gown of a college or university to display the school colors. The doctoral hood is a stylized version of the medieval cowl and outer robe. Viewed from the back, the modern hood shows a black shell replicating the original round cloak or chasuble, with colored silk displaying the colors of the college. The black appendage at the bottom of the hood, called the liripipe, was used to pull the hood on or off. Our doctoral hood has a gold (DSc) or royal blue (PhD) neckpiece, and displays the red and black colors of Capitol Technology University on the rear panel. Generally, graduation tassels are black, but doctoral tassels are gold, and some institutions color the tassel to represent the field of study of the wearer. Doctoral caps are departing from the traditional mortarboard. Hence, the Capitol Technology University doctoral cap is a six sided tam-o’-shanter. 

2024 Doctoral Graduates at Capitol


After the conclusion of our Hooding Ceremony, graduates, alumni, and their families were invited to join us for a special reception to network with our Capitol community and celebrate all of our alumni and the graduating Class of 2024!  

On Saturday, April 27, we were honored to watch all of our graduates – Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral – walk across the stage to receive honors, awards, and diplomas in recognition of their great accomplishments. 

We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who helped to make these events very special celebrations for our graduating Class of 2024! 

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