Capitol Technology University partners with Nebula Cybersecurity

Capitol Technology University is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nebula Cybersecurity, Inc. (NebuCyber) to form a strategic alliance to promote and provide opportunities for education and careers in emergency preparedness.

On Monday, January 9, 2023, Dr. Bradford Sims, President of Capitol Tech and Ryan Hogge, CEO of NebuCyber, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to initiate this exciting collaboration towards exploring the resources of both parties for the creation of educational pathways and opportunities.

As a STEM-focused university that offers unique degrees in emerging technology fields, Capitol Tech prepares students for successful careers in astronautical engineering, space operations, intelligence and global security, cybersecurity, occupational safety and health, and many others. In response to the growing need for emergency responders, Capitol Tech developed the Ph.D. in Emergency and Protective Services, which prepares students for the emergency response requirements for small- and large-scale disasters while mitigating risks to life, property, and the environment. In addition, Capitol Tech is extending its reach through strategic partnerships like that with NebuCyber.

NebuCyber offers Space Domain cybersecurity solutions as a provider of resilient space cyber security tailored to defend our Nation within the Space Domain using quantum capabilities with more sensor data, more computing power, and more accuracy than other competitors in the industry. NebuCyber delivers managed space security operations for a partner space mission expected to launch to the International Space Station in 2023. They also provide Space Threat Intelligence that enables responsive tracking and characterization of objects in orbit through autonomous anomaly detection that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Under this MOU, Capitol Tech will work with NebuCyber to:

  • Discuss the development of training to support the deployment of NebuCyber products including a discount on services.
  • Provide usage of facilities for NebuCyber meetings (terms apply).
  • Provide members of NebuCyber a 20% discount on master’s and doctorate programs as well as the partner tuition rate ($360 per credit 2022-23) for undergraduate asynchronous online programs.
  • Explore the creation of educational pathways related to the activities of NebuCyber
    such as:
    • Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate certificates
    • Stackable credential pathways leading to degrees
    • Undergraduate minors
    • Advanced degrees at the master's and doctoral levels

They will also explore building upon the following existing Capitol Tech degrees:

Bachelor of Science in...

Cybersecurity Data Science Intelligence and Global Security
Occupational Safety and Health Software Engineering  

Master of Science in...

Cyber Analytics Cybersecurity Intelligence and Global Security
Occupational Safety and Health Systems Engineering  

Technical Master of Business Administration in...

Business Analytics and Data Science

Doctor of Philosophy in...

Artificial Intelligence Industrial Hygiene Quantum Computing
Astronautical Engineering Intelligence and Global Security Space Cybersecurity
Business Analytics and Data Science Offensive Cyber Engineering Space Operations
Human Factors Product Management  

Doctor of Business Administration in...

Supply Chain Management

Doctor of Science in...


NebuCyber will work with Capitol Tech to:

  • Periodically contribute to Capitol Tech blogs or podcasts.
  • Provide recommendations for subject matter experts to support the development of curriculum related to NebuCyber's activities.
  • Provide recommendations for subject matter experts to serve as research mentors or dissertation chairs for students preparing dissertations related to NebuCyber's activities.
  • Provide graduate internship opportunities and potential career opportunities for Capitol Tech Alumni.

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