Capitol Technology University unveils new loan repayment assistance program for future graduates

Capitol Technology University is offering a loan repayment assistance program, the Chargers Assistance Program (CAP) to all incoming students starting in the Spring 2021.

The university has partnered with Ardeo Education Solutions to offer the Chargers Assistance Program at no cost to students or families. The assistance will continue until the graduate’s income exceeds $50,000 or until their loans are completely paid off.

We are excited for the opportunity to further show our support to our talented students and graduates. It demonstrates our confidence in the success of our graduates,” said Kim Wittler, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Financial Aid.

CAP provides a financial safety net that allows students to focus on their academics while in school and if the student’s income after graduation is modest by assisting the graduate to repay their loans. Alternative Educational Loans and Parent PLUS loans are also covered by this program based on the graduate's income.

To qualify, students must attend and graduate from Capitol Technology University. After graduation, they must work at least 30 hours per week to receive loan repayment assistance. If the graduate’s income is below $50,000 per year, the graduate and their parents can receive loan repayment assistance in the form of quarterly reimbursements on their student loans.

Capitol offers this program along with its Capitol Commitment because we are confident that our students will succeed after graduation and that grads will earn at least $50,000 within 18 months of graduating.

For more information and to apply, contact your admissions counselor at