Capitol’s international partner Catholic University Institute of Buea prepares to graduate first cohort of cybersecurity professionals

Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), one of Capitol’s international partners, is celebrating its first cybersecurity graduating class on the campus of CUIB, located in Buea, the capital of the South West Region of Cameroon. 

Six students are slated to graduate, with five students hailing from the 2015 entering class cohort, comprised of a total of eight students. The soon-to-be graduates represent Cameroon’s first-ever group of cybersecurity professionals with in-country academic credentials in the field. The official graduation ceremony is scheduled for December 2019.

“This is an exceptional opportunity that provides us with the depth of knowledge and skills essential to be successful in today’s IT infrastructure,” explained Josue Fon Ndikum, a graduating senior. “The program is very competitive, and it will help launch Cameroonians into the global IT community,” he added.

In 2015, Capitol Technology University entered into a partnership with CUIB to establish a cybersecurity program in Cameroon and strengthen Capitol’s international presence. In Cameroon, similar to the United States and around the world, there is a marked shortage of experts in the cybersecurity field.

For the duration of the program, Capitol’s faculty and industry partners provided ongoing immersion training for CUIB’s faculty on-site at Capitol’s campus in Laurel, Maryland, enabling access to experts in the field and hands-on resources such as the Cyber Lab.

“Capitol’s partnership with CUIB opened doors and opportunities for our students to not only gain advanced knowledge and skills in cybersecurity, but also in technology and innovation,” said Dr. Divine Anye, industry mentor and consultant, who has been an integral part of the program since its inception. “To make an impact in today’s STEM environment requires collaboration across multiple platforms,” he added. “Capitol has given CUIB that opportunity.”

CUIB students teamwork

 According to Dr. Felicitas Atabong Mokom, dean of CUIB’s School of Information Technology, the next cohort, currently in its junior year, consists of seven students. The students will spend the upcoming semester training in industry in order to gain real-world experience, an essential component of the program.

Along with its partners, Capitol is committed to providing education and training to develop the next generation of information technology leaders, both nationally and internationally.

“Education creates hope,” said Dianne O’Neill, senior vice president for enrollment and marketing at Capitol Technology University. “We stand a proud partner of CUIB, linked by our shared vision of educating the next generation of cyber professionals, to address a critical, worldwide shortage.”

Founded in 2009, the Catholic University Institute of Buea, also known as The Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial University, opens its doors to all who seek knowledge. CUIB seeks to foster job creators versus job seekers who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

Capitol Technology University, founded in 1927, is the only independent Maryland university of its kind, dedicated to educating future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) leaders in high-demand fields. Conveniently located in Greater Washington, DC, Capitol creates pathways for students to learn, build, and succeed in a practical, hands-on learning environment.

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