Dr. Bill Butler to Moderate Military Cyber Panel at DEF CON

On August 11th, Capitol Tech Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. William (Bill) Butler will moderate the 3rd edition of the National Service Panel (NSP), a facilitated discussion hosted by the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) aimed at sharing national service insights and opportunities among the hacker community. This panel will occur as part of the 30th annual DEF CON national cybersecurity and hacking conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, which Butler will attend with 10 other Capitol Tech staff and students. This year’s NSP will be held in partnership with the Blacks in Cybersecurity (BIC) Village.

The NSP got its start in 2020, when the MCPA was invited to lead a panel at DEF CON 28, a fully remote event that was branded as “DEF CON Safe Mode” due to the pandemic. The 2020 panel took place in partnership with the Career Hacking Village, where 6 panelists representing various areas of the government and military cyber sector, including MCPA founder Joe Billingsley and longtime Capitol Tech supporter and recent PhD recipient Dr. Diane Janosek, spoke. The NSP was once again welcomed back for DEF CON’s 2021 event with a new panel of cyber and military experts. 

For 2022, the NSP is teaming up with the BIC Village for BIC Military Relations: National Service Panel. The Blacks in Cybersecurity group is a longtime friend of Capitol Tech, having previously worked with the university to expand opportunities for underrepresented students with an interest in cybersecurity. Butler values the mission and vision of the organization, believing they are crucial to the furtherance of the cyber industry.

The BIC Village will host numerous other events throughout the 4-day conference, including many informative talks on subjects ranging from breaking racial barriers to cryptocurrency. 

Butler’s involvement in the panel stems from his relationship with the MCPA. As he served in the United States Marine Corps as a joint qualified communications information systems officer and retired as a Colonel with 30 years of service, his cybersecurity expertise and service to the nation make him an invaluable voice within the intersection of technology and the military. 

Butler also recently spoke at the MCPA’s first ever Hammercon, which took place on the Capitol Tech campus, where he presented his lecture, “Cybersecurity Education, Post-Pandemic Update.”