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Letter from President Sims to the Community - April 1, 2020

Dear Campus Community, 

Thank you all for continuing to work individually and collaboratively to progress toward a successful end to this semester. We are excited to report that all classes and university offices are running online at full capacity. While the cornonavirus may cause uncertainty, our community can be certain that we will continue to move forward to complete our institutional goals and to fulfill the individual goals of our members.

For those members of our campus community who are graduating this semester, we deeply regret not being able to celebrate you and your many accomplishments as scheduled in-person, on-campus in the traditional Capitol fashion. However, as the world shifts online, we are excited to celebrate the 2020 Graduating Class virtually until the in-person ceremony can be safely held.

To ensure that the bonds which make us a community remain strong no matter the social distance, each student support department is fully functional online. Just as our university adapted from the CREI, then Capitol College, and now to our current name, we continue to adapt our services to best fit the situation and landscape. As an institution focused on technology I am proud to say that the advanced knowledge of our students, staff, and faculty have been a guiding force in our rapid response to this evolving situation.

We are still here. You are still here. The world is still here and still in need, maybe now more than ever, of the expertise you will bring in your fields. We may all be working remotely, but we are still working, still thriving, and still connected.

In true Capitol fashion, our resilient community continues to "find a way or make one" no matter the circumstances.

Brad Sims, PhD
President, Capitol Technology University