New Cybersecurity Webinars Hosted by Capitol Tech, the NSA, and Maryland’s Cyber-Focused Community Colleges

In celebration of National Cyber Awareness Month, the National Security Agency (NSA), Capitol Technology University (Capitol Tech), Anne Arundel Community College (AACC), Frederick Community College (FCC), and Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) have partnered to create a cyber lecture series, titled “Cyber Challenges in the Pandemic,” focused on informing high school and college students on the importance of cyber security, hygiene, and preparedness.

This complimentary series, open to anyone interested in protecting their online lives, was created by the National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense Education (CDE) program office in collaboration with local cyber programs offered by Maryland institutions. As designated CAE-CDEs, a distinction awarded by the NSA’s National Cryptologic School, Capitol Tech, AACC, and PGCC are local cybersecurity leaders poised to educate students on the increased cyber risks caused by COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has afforded cybercriminals a fresh opportunity to exploit distractions caused by balancing work from home with family life and educating our kids,” said Dr. William Butler, Chair of Capitol Tech’s Cyber and Information Security department and Director of the university’s Center for Cybersecurity Research and Analysis (CCRA). “The goal of this series is to bring awareness to cybersecurity as a whole and provide the tools to address the new threats during COVID-19. Students who attend these short lectures, will receive practical demonstrations and talks from industry experts on cyber hygiene during the pandemic.”

The series of lectures kicks-off on Monday, October 26 at 4:00 p.m. with an introduction from Diane Janosek, the NSA’s Commandant and Training Director for the National Cryptologic School, followed by the keynote speech given by Ethan W. Givens, D.Sc, Chief Strategic Education Initiatives and Alliances Division and Capitol Tech alumni.

Presentation in the series include Free Security Software to Protect your Phone and Computer from COVID-19 Specific Threats led by Capitol Tech’s Dr. Butler; How to Stay Cyber Safe During the COVID Pandemic led by Kasia Taylor, a Professor in AACC’s Networking, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Department; Cybersecurity Career Paths led by Shade Adeleke, an Associate Professor and Cybersecurity Coordinator for PGCC; and The Security of Online Learning Platforms during the Pandemic led by Kimberly Mentzell a Professor from FCC.

“This event has a uniquely local focus, despite the overarching national implications as COVID-19 has affected people from states and industries across the country,” said Dr. Butler. “As our professional and personal lives increasingly rely on the internet, the likelihood of falling victim to cyber crimes also rises. Through this series and the information offered by the experts we’ve collected, we aim to empower Maryland’s high school and college students to recognize and prevent against being exploited online.”

All students, whether they are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity or want to become safer online, can benefit from the information offered by Maryland’s leading cybersecurity practitioners and educators.

Click here for more information or click here to watch the recorded lectures.


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