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Signal-9 Success!

Winning Capitol Tech Team

On Friday, October 4th, a group of four students from Capitol Technology University attended a Capture The Flag event that Parsons hosts once a month. Anyone is welcome this Parson’s hosted CTF event- it is a great way to test problem solving, critical thinking, and cyber skills.

The cyber team, also known as Signal-9, consisted of two juniors and two seniors from Capitol Tech.  

The team arrived at 4:30 pm eager to begin and the competition kicked off at 5:30 pm. Throughout the competition, things seemed to be going smoothly as Signal-9 found flags hidden in different challenges, and earned points for submitting them. Although they were having fun and enjoying the competition, they were falling behind in ranking.

At 8:25 pm, just 5 minutes before the competition is over, Signal-9 manages to find 2 high-point flags. With these 2 flags submitted, and the timer going off to signal the end of the competition, Signal-9 members look to the scoreboard and see that they placed first!



Anyone is welcome to these competitions, so the Capitol Tech team, Signal-9 found themselves competing against other college teams and even people within the cyber field!

 A big congratulations to the Cyber Security Signal-9 team from Capitol Tech.