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Students, Alumni Welcomed to NARHAMS Model Rocket Competition at Laurel Campus


On Saturday March 26, Capitol College will be the site of a model rocket contest hosted by the National Association of Rocketry Headquarters Astro-Modeling Section (NARHAMS). This free event is open to all local model rocket enthusiasts looking to compete.
At the event, all teams and individuals will launch their approved rockets from the designated launch pad, while judges record the lengths of the flights. The longest timed flight, as determined by the judges, will be named the winner of the event. Before launching, all rockets will be examined and approved based on safety, weight and engine requirements.
The event is a great opportunity for Capitol students, alumni and local community members to try their hand at model rocket launching. Model builders of all ages and experience levels are welcome to the event, which is broken up into two age groups: 15 years and younger; and 16 years and over.  
Capitol College prides itself on furthering STEM education for its students and the local community. By agreeing to host the NARHAMS event, Capitol students, alumni and community members will have the opportunity to participate in this fun and free event.     
The event allows participants the opportunity to learn more about rockets as all contestants must provide their own models for launch. The engineering and physics of rocket building and launching will be important research topics for those competing in the competition.
For more information about the model rocket contest visit the NARHAMS website, or contact Ed Pearson at 301-577-7775 or
For competition specifics and requirements, click here.