Welcome back students and…

Charger Mascot

…the Capitol Tech Charger!

No one knows when or why he left, but we’re surely glad our official mascot is back! The Charger, our mysterious yet fearsome and noble-steed, returned to lead Capitol Tech’s charge toward the future.

While we may not know why he left, we do know the Charger returned because he herd (pun intended) a new generation of Capitol Tech Chargers is on the horizon.

Initially the Charger cheered on the Capitol Tech basketball team for numerous years but disappeared when the basketball program disbanded. Despite the disappearance of the Charger, students of the university remained driven and competitive which resulted in very successful competitive Capitol Tech teams, such as cyber battle teams and robotics teams.

Now, that Charger is back, they can look forward to the support of our mascot as we expand our competitive sports opportunities, including a future esports team.

That’s right, in fall of 2021 the university known for the serious and career-focused side of tech is delving further into the seriously fun world of competition with electronic sports teams.

More information on esports will be forthcoming, but for now, help us welcome back the Capitol Tech Charger! 

Click here to download the special Charger social media frame and show your Charger pride! More frames can be found on Facebook for current students, alumni, and parents of students. To find the frames on Facebook, go to: www.facebook.com/profilepicframes, then search “Capitol Charger.”

We look forward to seeing your Charger pride on social media!