Posted by raherschbach on 21 Jan 2015

By Yonathan Goitom, Alumni Council President

“Capitol Technology University's Alumni Association engages with alumni, students, faculty, and staff to build a network of diverse individuals who thrive in the global workforce and reflect Capitol Technology University's mission to develop professionals and leaders who change the word through innovation and leadership”- Alumni Association Vision statement.

As the President of Capitol Technology University's Alumni Council, it is my responsibility, along with my fellow council members, to identify, lead and support various Alumni related activities and functions that will allow students, past, and present, the opportunity to achieve success both academically, and professionally. Recently, The Association has announced that it will begin leading efforts to raise money for Capitol's newest hub of innovation,  the Fusion Lab..

The council, along with the association, will also continue to build upon the momentum of the school's recent University status as well as the groundbreaking of our new dorms to further engage and reach out to Alum's we may have lost contact with for several years. Moreover, the Alumni council has undergone a new initiative to reach out, individually, to nearly all former Capitol students to notify them of Alumni Association events nearby, provide updates on our schools expansion and exciting projects coming out of the innovation lab.

We are constantly looking for Alums willing to participate in Alumni related activities, mentor to students currently enrolled in the university, and contribute, financially, to the Fusion Lab For those extremely passionate about participating and contributing the mission of the Association and the University, The Alumni Council is also looking to fill vacant positions on its board, if you are interested, please feel free to reach contact the Alumni Council

Please visit the Capitol blog regualrly for updates and news on everything Alumni. If you would like to be a guest Alumni blogger, please contact the Alumni Council or the Department of Communications at



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