Management and Decision Sciences (PhD)

The Ph.D. in Management and Decision Sciences program is designed to prepare accomplished professionals for senior positions in either public or private sectors. The mission of the Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Decision Science degree (Ph.D. MDS) is to enable professionals from the field to understand and evaluate the scope and impact of decision sciences and associated technology from the institutional as well as from an industry and global perspective. The program will provide the student an academic environment to support the development of high-level critical thinking and leadership skills as they relate to management and decision sciences, to develop high-level decision science technical skills, and to provide doctoral level research experience allowing innovative and practical contributions to the management and decision sciences body of knowledge.

Graduates of Capitol Technology University’s Ph.D. program can expect to lead local, national, or global organizations in related fields and provide expert guidance for the understanding of and the utilization of organizational information assets. Graduates can expect to be hired into senior leadership positions in industry, government and academia, and will be able to create and manage unique solutions for any business decision challenge that may arise.

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Application Instructions

Application deadline for fall cohort is July 1.   All application materials must be received by this date.

Application deadline for spring cohort is November 15. All application materials must be submitted by this date.

Application Fee:

There is a $100 non-refundable application fee to submit this application.  We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Payment is required to process your application.  The application can not be submitted without the payment.


An essay is required to submit the application.  You cannot submit the application unless the essay is complete.  We strongly suggest that you prepare the essay prior to starting the application.  You can then simply paste the essay into the space provided.    The subject of the essay is "Please comment on personal attributes as well as previous experience that are reflective of your ability to successfully complete a doctorate-level program."

Anyone with a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university will be considered.

After you complete and submit your application, please submit all requested documents as soon as possible.  These include:  official transcripts, resume, letters of recommendation and certification verification (if applicable). You will receive additional instructions after submitting your application.