Transferring Credits

During the admissions process, your credits will be evaluated. Once you are enrolled, an official determination is made by the Office of Registration and Records in consultation with the academic departments and approved by the vice president for academic affairs.

Capitol Technology University will consider credit for transfer from coursework completed at a regionally accredited institution, an ABET-accredited program or, in special cases, other qualified institutions acceptable to the standards of the college. We'll consider transfer credit for courses taken at an unaccredited institution on a probationary status, pending your completion of a minimum of 24 credits at Capitol with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.   

Coursework must also meet the following requirements:

  • Courses must be relevant to the Capitol Technology University curriculum.
  • Only a grade of C or higher will be considered for transfer (courses are evaluated and transferred individually). A grade of D will not be accepted for credit even when it is part of a degree.
  • Capitol Technology University credit requirements are based on the semester credit system. Transfer credits from other institutions operating on other academic calendar systems will be converted to semester credits.

Non-college Sources of Credit

Capitol Technology University can award credit for educational and life experiences that have occurred outside a college environment. Generally, we will transfer a maximum of 70 semester-credit hours from any combination of the following:

Military Credits

Capitol Technology University will award credit for military courses based on the American Council on Education's Guide to the Evaluation for Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces. Applicants must present a certificate of completion or an official DD214 or DD295 to Capitol's Office of Registration and Records.

Two-year Programs

Successful coursework completed at a community college is transferable to Capitol with a grade of C or better. Call the Office of Registration and Records at 301-369-2800, ext. 2313 or 2312 and ask to speak to a transfer specialist for specific course transfer information.  

Two-year Associate of Science in Engineering (ASE) Transfer to Capitol College

The Associate of Science in Engineering (ASE) degree is designed to facilitate students' transfer from two-year to four-year engineering programs. Qualified students have the option of transferring either into the Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineerng programs at Capitol, with 60 credits carrying over from the ASE. For the respective course plans, click the following links:

For more information about ASE programs, please visit the Maryland Higher Education Commisson website.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students may receive transfer credit through CLEP exams and should coordinate these with the Office of Registration and Records.

Advanced Placement Tests

Capitol awards credits for Advanced Placement tests. To receive credit, students should have a score of 3 or higher. See your high school counselor for more information.

Professional Certifications

Capitol Technology University will consider transfer credit for industry recognized certifications that are relevant to the program curriculum (A+, N+, S+, CISSP, OWSP)

Work/Life Experience and Validation Credit

If you can demonstrate competence in a subject without having completed the specific coursework, you may take a validation examination. The appropriate department chairperson and academic dean will assist you through the validation process.

Students who pass the validation examination receive a “V” on their transcript and the appropriate number of semester credits. No quality points are awarded with validation credit.