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At Capitol Technology University some of the world's top experts, government agencies, and corporate partners all come together to help train students into future cybersecurity professionals.

How cloud computing is changing cybersecurity

As more businesses move toward cloud computing the requirements surrounding securing data are changing, creating the expectation for cybersecurity experts to be well-versed in cloud-specific security strategies.

Why is cybersecurity risk growing in the construction industry?

The construction industry is relatively new to addressing cybersecurity, but as business becomes progressively more digital, the industry is taking steps to address digital risks alongside physical ones.

How to make your business cybersecure: defend against ransomware

For businesses, protecting employees, data, and systems can be an astronomical task, especially as threats to security are ever changing. Find out how you can make your business cybersecure.

How can automation be used in cybersecurity incident response?

Automation in cybersecurity can save valuable time in responding to attacks, which is why more and more companies are integrating automated technologies into their incident response plans.

It’s the digital era. Construction managers need to understand cybersecurity

Construction managers today are more likely to communicate using smartphones and computers, making it crucial for them to understand and mitigate cybersecurity risks posed by digital-era technologies.

The Critical Need to Protect Our Way of Life

Increasing cyber threats have created the need for sophisticated ways to protect our critical infrastructure resulting in new career opportunities for those interested in helping to keep America safe.

Your organization may be cybersecure, but are your vendors?

How Target Corporation became the cautionary tale of cybersecurity risks with one of the largest breaches to date. Here are some best practices to manage risk for your organization as well as vendors and contractors.

What is it like to be an ethical hacker?

Cybersecurity professionals pursuing a career as an ethical hacker describe it as challenging but also rewarding and fun. Nathan Wray, an ethical hacker and Cybersecurity Professor at Capitol Tech, fills in some of the details.

Retrofitting a plant for the cyber age can bring cybersecurity risks

What are some common cybersecurity risks in the manufacturing sector which come about when retrofitting a plant for the cyber age?

Cyber analytics: what the C-suite needs to know

Many organizations have not come to terms with the fact that they will, sooner or later, be hacked. Here’s what c-suite needs to know about cybersecurity.