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Dr. Garima Bajwa Shares the Advantages of Choosing a Small, STEM-Focused University

professor garima bajwa

“Capitol Technology University has an incredible advantage as a STEM-focused university. Research is predicting that the future of the job market is going to be in technology, and we’re matching what this future looks like,” says Dr. Garima Bajwa, Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. “Seeing my students achieve, as they pursue cutting-edge technologies, invent things, and contribute to a better world – that is where I find joy.” 

In addition to teaching courses, Dr. Bajwa is one of the professors leading Capitol Tech’s Brain-Machine Interface workshop, where students get to explore this innovative field. Dr. Bajwa explains that she was first introduced to this project while earning her PhD. 

Garima Bajwa on advantages of choosing a STEM focused university

“The idea started with rehabilitation and disabilities, so people can move a wheelchair just by thinking about moving it forward. The next level involved prosthetics. You can attach a prosthetic to a nerve signal, and then you can use the arm as if it were your own.” As the field expands, Dr. Bajwa explains, “we’re taking it into virtual driving and even gaming.”

Outside of the classroom, She also serves as an officer for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the largest technology professional organization in the world. Some of her students have had the opportunity to present their work with the Brain-Machine Interface project at IEEE conferences. Through these opportunities, Capitol Tech students gain hands-on experience working with cutting-edge research fields.

Garima Bajwa with STEM students

“I know my students by name. I know the projects they’re working on. This tight-knit community allows students to utilize all that the STEM university has to offer.” Dr. Bajwa says.  “If a student comes to me and I don’t work in the field that they need help with, I know that I can direct them to another faculty member who can.”

Dr. Bajwa believes that Capitol Tech. students are uniquely prepared to succeed in their STEM careers because of their online and on-campus experiences with the caring faculty and small class sizes that define a Capitol education. 

“We have a unique teaching model here at Capitol Technology University that makes our students distinctly qualified with cutting-edge technology knowledge,” Dr. Bajwa said. 

This “unique teaching model” involves full-time Capitol professors working with lower-level classes, like freshman and sophomores, while higher-level classes are taught by adjunct professors, who are current working professionals and experts in their respective technology fields. These adjunct professors give Capitol Tech students domain knowledge and expertise that puts them at an advantage when they graduate.  

Beyond the accessibility of faculty, Capitol Tech’s tight-knit community benefits students’ value to prospective employers. “Our graduates have created a name for us at institutions like NASA. Now, employers come back to us year after year to hire our students,” says Dr. Bajwa. 

With an education laser-focused on STEM careers, Capitol Technology University uniquely positions students for top roles in the region’s booming tech hub.