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Construction Management

Rise of virtual and augmented reality technology in construction management

July 24, 2020
The construction industry is often thought of as being slow to adopt technology, but virtual and augmented reality have taken a growing role in construction management primarily because of the safety improvements that they offer.

Online BS in Construction Management: Capitol Tech Builds a Better Breed of Builders

July 10, 2020
Capitol Tech’s Online BS in Construction Management not only prepares students to manage construction projects, but also enhances their skills in cybersecurity, physical security and remotely operated computer systems.

Fastest growing careers in the construction industry: jobs outlook

June 29, 2020
The number of construction jobs is expected to rise to 7.5 million by 2026. The highest growth is in the heavy and civil engineering subsector, with an estimated 39% growth.

Why Veterans Should Consider an Online Construction Management Degree

May 12, 2020
Veterans are equipped with a number of skills learned from their years of military training and experience, many of which are in high demand in construction management careers.

Robotics in construction: How the construction industry is adopting technology

April 22, 2020
The construction industry has been slow to onboard automated solutions. However, this has changed in recent years as the construction industry has come to recognize the value of integrating technology, especially robotics in construction.

Green building and construction management

March 23, 2020
Due to the inherent environmental impacts of the construction industry, construction managers must look to green building solutions, which not only benefit the environment but have cost benefits as well.

Cloud and mobile technology in construction management

January 16, 2020
While many people are familiar with cloud-based storage for personal use, mobile and cloud-based technologies have impacted the construction industry. Here are the benefits of using cloud and mobile technologies in construction.

Software programs and apps used in construction management

August 26, 2019
Construction management is impacted by new technology, changing not only how buildings are built but also how building projects are managed. Here is a sample of software programs and apps used in construction management.

Biggest Myths About Construction Management

June 17, 2019
Michael Wilber, a construction manager, has worked on projects from single house renovations to a million-square-foot high-rise, enabling him to gather a comprehensive list of myths about construction management.

Resources for women considering a construction management career

May 6, 2019
Almost one-third of women working in construction are employed in management or professional roles. Here are some organizations and conferences women in a construction management career can turn to for advice and mentorship.