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Legal Issues In Construction Management

April 26, 2021
legal issues in construction management

In the construction and facility management world, potential legal issues and pitfalls are part of day- to-day operations. To make sure our students are knowledgeable and prepared, Capitol Tech’s Construction Management curriculum includes Legal Issues in Construction. This course positions students to address a variety of topics, including standard construction contracts traditionally used between contractors, owners, design professionals, and subcontractors.

Construction Law and Project Success

Legal contracts are a part of nearly every step in the construction process, from initial planning through building completion. ize, scope, and location may impact regulations and legal requirements, as well. To ensure projects are completed on time, as expected, and with minimal legal hurdles, Construction Managers need to be able to navigate the world of Construction Law.

Managing Construction Projects During COVID-19

Legal issues in construction are complex in their own right – adding a global pandemic to the equation complicates matters even further. In addition to working with multiple contracts, construction managers must address quarantine and stay-at-home orders, fulfill contract requirements with limited supplies and staff, and face a potential increase in contract disputes.

Expert Opinion: Michael Wilber on Legal Issues in Construction

To gain greater insight on the regulations,  requirements, and legal issues that accompany today’s projects, Capitology Blog talked with Michael Wilber, construction manager at Vancouver-based Investment Builders. Mr. Wilber has over 30 years' experience in the construction industry and has worked on projects of all sizes – from individual home renovations to high-rises. He offered an inside look and advice for those pursuing careers in construction management.

Capitology Blog: What do you think is the most difficult part of negotiating legal issues in the construction workspace?

Michael Wilber: Making sure the client understands the reasons for inclusion of certain language or terms in contract documents, such as the , National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements and costs associated with staying in compliance.

CB: What is one piece of advice you'd give new construction managers related to handling legal issues?

MW: Know what is required. Hirea service that manages the constant changes in regulations and keep the manuals up to date.

CB: Are there any specific software programs/apps you use to facilitate your contracts/legal paperwork?

MW: One of the most popular services is Personnel Concepts. Mostly our contracts are reviewed by our attorneys. Permits, for example, are reviewed for compliance by various agencies. There is no source for 100% checking of legal issues that I am aware of. The volume and types of ever-increasing regulations make for a challenging work environment.

Interested in a career in Construction Management?

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