Fall in love with tech this Autumn with these great events!

September 28, 2022

Fall seems to finally be upon us. And although the weather continues to fluctuate between the clingy summer heat and the seasonably chilly, the first official day of Fall was on Thursday, September 22. So, we thought a good way to celebrate would be to list a few Fall must-do’s in the tech community. 


1. SmartCon 2022 

people sitting in the audience at smartcon tech convention

Photo credit: Youtube.com 

This annual convention will be held in NYC on September 28-29 this year, and hosts a variety of events, speakers, and opportunities to network within the Web3 community, as well as connect with members of the wider Chainlink and crypto field. Attendees will hear from the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, and Founder of Thrive and Co-Founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, amongst other leaders of the industry. You can also participate in hackathons, workshops, and technical demonstrations during the con. Complimentary virtual sessions are available for those who cannot attend in person, and their Youtube channel will feature extra content. For more information, visit the SmartCon site


2. Google Cloud Next '22

audience watching google cloud tech event

Photo credit: Wahlnetwork.com 

This event will be mostly virtual, with added in-person features for those who are able to attend in San Francisco, CA from Oct. 11-13. Registration is complimentary, with a livestream that starts at 12PM EDT on Oct. 11. Attendees will explore the Google Cloud platform more in-depth, with workshops and webinars on how to build and maintain cloud applications, optimize business data analytics, collaborate seamlessly in the growing hybrid work environment with Google Workspace, keep up with cyber threats and new security software, and how to turn the big ideas of tomorrow into large, transformative projects today. For more information, visit the Google Next site


3. Capitol Tech STEM Challenge

capitol tech stem challenge flyer


Capitol Tech will host its first STEM Challenge event on Saturday, October 15 starting at 9AM at our campus located in Laurel, MD. The day will feature an awesome lineup of challenges and fun games for current and prospective students, like flying and racing drones, cyber capture the flag hosted by our prominent Signal-9 Cyber Battle Team, tours of our new ALPHA Observatory, constructing and launching rockets, and simulating mission control operations. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with faculty and network with peers in the Capitol Tech community, as well as get hands-on technical experience in a fun and engaging way! Register early to save your spot! For more information, visit the Capitol STEM Challenge webpage



4. Maryland Science Center events 

smashed pumpkins

Photo credit: mdsci.org 

Did you know there is a center dedicated to all things science and tech right here in Maryland? Located near the Baltimore Harbor, the Maryland Science Center is more than just a museum, but features fun and interactive events for people of all ages. This fall, they are hosting a “Pumpkin Smash” event, where you can throw your old pumpkins off the center roof in a test for velocity and speed. And don’t miss their annual Halloween bash, “One More Time”, featuring a night of techno music by tribute bands to Daft Punk and Foo Fighters. For more information, visit the MDSCI site.  


5. Fall PC Cleanup

woman organizing PC files

Photo credit: wethegeek.com 

You’ve heard of “Spring Cleaning,” but tidying up doesn’t need to happen only once a year. With the summer hustle finally slowing down, take advantage of this time by performing a thorough PC cleanup. Make sure your antivirus is up-to-date and run a full antivirus scan. Backup your important data to an external hard drive or cloud drive. Remove duplicate files or programs off your hard drive and any unnecessary icons off your desktop. Doing this twice a year, or even more frequently, can help keep you organized, protect your personal information, and prevent data loss.


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